How office furniture can affect our health

Modern working habits include several hours of sitting behind a desk, checking computer screen and typing in necessary commands and text.
However, this sedentary lifestyle comes with a price, simply because our bodies are not accustomed to such long hours of sitting and our spine and joints become painful and dislocated.

What can we do to prevent the problems?

Since prevention is often the best possible option, we can stop certain illnesses from appearing just by using a proper kind of furniture. Ergonomic principles can easily be applied to our offices, and all the units and appliances that can be found within our office space can be designed in an ergonomic manner.

Are office chairs the solution?

Office chairs are certainly the main cause of the problem, but they can equally be a solution. It all depends on how we use them, and if we take care of the design and structure of a chair – we could be sitting in something that will actually heal our backs and painful body.

How office chairs help solve back pain

Flexible office chairs, built with ergonomics in mind, can help reduce stress to your spine and they can provide lumbar support, which is very important in retaining good posture and proper body shape. Chairs come equipped with a lot of useful and helpful features, which makes them a perfect addition to your office.

The most important elements of a chair

Any chair, whether it is a “normal” one or the “ergonomic” one, has several basic components, and these parts determine the overall quality of the unit and the efficiency of the chair in question. These components are the backrest, the seat pan, and armrests, although some other parts can be equally important and precious when it comes to ergonomics and usability of the chair.

Other valuable features and characteristics of an office chair

Office chairs are used for several hours every single day, and this means that these units have to be sturdy, durable and functional, but the aesthetic aspect should also be satisfied, at least in some measure. Every chair should be easy to clean, and maintenance is also an important aspect of the overall quality of a chair.

Health benefits of using an ergonomic chair

Lumbar support is integrated into almost every ergonomic chair, and this means that the lower part of our back will have enough stability to hold the rest of our upper body. Less stress on the spine means a healthier body and better posture, and this is something we all want to have .

The quality of the chair

It is essential that the chair is constructed out of a durable material, which means that material should be strong enough to support the weight and constant friction and movement. Also, materials should be easy to clean.

Additional features of an office chair

Office chairs come in all shapes and sizes, but some of them can incorporate “fancy” features, such as rotation, footrest, tilting of the seat pan, and so on. However, it is important that these features are in harmonious agreement with the rest of the chair, and that the owner feels comfortable sitting and working in that office chair.

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