Is Sewing Good For the Health?

Posted by on Jul 14, 2016 in Sewing

Is Sewing Good For the Health?

You might not think that sewing is good for the health, but the truth is that it really does work well. You should certainly check out what makes sewing such a good activity. In fact, many of the health benefits that come from this relate to your mental processes and your mood, thus giving you a much better sense of wellbeing as you keep sewing.

Improves Your Coordination

hshgsshgsasaIt is essential to keep your sense of coordination under control. The problem with aging is that your brain might start to run slowly and could become weak. Sewing helps you to improve your coordination by prompting you to look at how you are moving your hands in precise directions and keeping control over how you’re getting something to work right. This can certainly be great when you’re working on a more complicated project that might entail more colors or other threads all around the place.

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Improves Mental Functions

Sewing also helps you to keep your brain stimulated. It allows you to focus on what you are doing with your fabric and how you’re working to keep the fabric from being lost or moving in the wrong direction.

You need this mental stimulation as it is easier for the brain to wear out as you get older. You need to keep your brain stimulated so it will continue to function properly. Sewing can certainly do well for your mental health in terms of how it is organized.

Keeps the Hands Functional

It is often easy for peoples’ hands to wear out as they get older. This often comes from how the bones might weaken. Sewing will help you keep your hands healthy as it works by having you strengthen your hand muscles. In particular, the movements you make to improve how your hands function will be critical to ensuring that your sewing project will come out perfectly and offer better support.

Enhances Your Wellbeing

gasgfas65asagsThe final point is that sewing improves your wellbeing. This part of how sewing is good for the health comes from how you’ll experience a sense of satisfaction in anything you do with your hands. You will begin to feel confident in yourself, thus improving your mental processes as you won’t have many personal roadblocks getting in the way of your life.

Remember that sewing regularly can be good for the health. Sewing is an activity that especially improves how you can concentrate and how you manage your thought processes.

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Pros and cons of ergonomic office furniture

Posted by on Jun 7, 2016 in Ergonomic Office Furniture

Pros and cons of ergonomic office furniture

Ergonomic furniture is not ordinary furniture. It has special design, created to support the main structure of the body, especially the spine.
Because of this, ergonomic furniture is used mainly in offices where people spend over 6 hours sitting.

The importance of ergonomic furniture

Ergonomic furniture is especially important for those who spend a long time sitting, especially if they sit and work in front of the computer. Long sitting can cause a series of conditions, and sitting improperly can put significant pressure the spine. This leads to back pain, headaches and other health conditions which cause not only discomfort, but also some serious health problems.

Ergonomic furniture in offices

Ergonomic office furniture can usually be found in the form of chairs, and there come in a wide variety of choice for everyone’s needs and body types. There are also ergonomic computer desks, as well as plenty of accessories which facilitate working in front of the computer and make it more comfortable.

Pros of ergonomic furniture

Ergonomic furniture has plenty of advantages for people who spend their workday sitting in front of the computer. Sometimes it is enough only to purchase an ergonomic chair, while using a desk and some accessories can make working even more comfortable.

Pros of ergonomic chairs

Ergonomic chairs have plenty of benefits for the users. First, they reduce pressure on the spine, thus preventing or relieving all the conditions caused by improper and long sitting. Then, they provide comfort to the user, which leads to more pleasant sitting and more productivity at work. Lastly, they are usually adjustable, so they can fit many body types and needs of different people.

Pros of ergonomic computer desks

Ergonomic computer desks come with adjustable shelves and surfaces, which makes them easy to adapt to every user. Also, they provide easy access to all the materials, which makes working easier, more productive and less harmful for the body.

Cons of ergonomic furniture

Even though ergonomic furniture is generally a useful feature of the office and a good investment in health, there are some disadvantages of it which can sometimes make the situation even worse. This refers to badly designed and poorly made ergonomic furniture, which does not have too many options for adjustment and does not provide the support your spine needs.

Cons of ergonomic chairs

If you have a non-adjustable or poorly designed ergonomic chair, you may experience various kinds of discomfort. Your movement can be restricted, which causes discomfort and nervousness while working. Your body posture may be wrong or your spine may experience pressure, which can lead to lower back pain, neck pain and muscle stiffness.

Cons of ergonomic computer desks

In the case of non-adjustable or poorly designed ergonomic computer desk, you may experience similar problems like the ones with chairs. They may disable you from moving freely and cause bad posture. Also, if you lean your elbows on the desk, if it is not properly designed you may put a lot of pressure on elbow joints – and that can cause pain and discomfort in arms.

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How to keep your spine healthy and strong

Posted by on Jun 7, 2016 in Spine Health

How to keep your spine healthy and strong

Spine is the pillar of our body, and keeping it healthy means avoiding many health issues that can occur as a consequence of injured or aching back. Healthy spine helps as sit, stand a walk properly, without any pain and discomfort.
On the other hand, neglecting spine health can lead to a series of health conditions which are not only uncomfortable and painful, but can significantly endanger our health and everyday living.

Risk factors for spine injuries and back pain

There are many risk factors which can lead to spine injuries and back pain. Obesity is one of them, since it puts pressure on the spine and other bones in the body. Standing or sitting too long can also negatively affect the spine, especially if it is performed in unfavorable conditions. Lifting heavy loads is another risk factor, and the risk is increased if lifting is performed improperly.

Preventing and relieving spine injuries and back pain

It is good to know that spine injuries and back pain can be prevented, and that the can also be relieved in case they occur. There are plenty of techniques you can practice at home and at work, and certain changes in lifestyle in habits can also contribute to better health of your spine.

Preventing spine injuries and back pain

Prevention is better than cure, so it is important to keep your spine in good shape before the pain occurs. You should pay attention to your diet in case not to gain excess weight and moderate physical activity will also help you with achieving this goal. At home and at work, you should sit properly and maintain correct posture, and it can be achieved in a variety of ways.

At home

Moderate physical activity such as yoga and stretching exercise can do a lot for preventing spine-related problems. You should also pay attention to sit properly while you are in front of the computer, and adjust the chair, desk, monitor and other accessories so that you keep the correct position. Good bed and pillow are also necessary, because if they do not suit you, it can significantly hurt your spine.

At work

It is important to keep the spine in good shape at work as well, especially if you spend a lot of time sitting, standing or lifting heavy loads. Get an ergonomic chair at work in case you sit too long, and adjust it properly together with the desk, computer and other accessories. Take regular breaks and perform some stretch exercises in order to prepare your back for another round of sitting.

Relieving spine injuries and back pain

In case back pain has already occurred, there are a number of ways to relieve it. This can also be done both at home and at work, and you should be devoted and persistent.

At home

Yoga and stretching exercises can help with preventing back pain, but they are equally useful if you want to relieve it. Massage can also help, as well as changing the way you sit and the pillow and mattress in your bed. In case you are overweight, do your spine and your overall health a favor and do your best to lose the excess weight.

At work

Ergonomic furniture can significantly ease the pain and make working more comfortable. Taking regular breaks and stretching is also useful, and in case you suffer from back pain or you had an injury, you should avoid heavy lifting.

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